Local Cruise


Our tour starts with an early morning visit to Xuan Son market, where you’ll have a close encounter with the towns morning activities. Then get on board and after a short boat trip you will arrive at Xuan Tien Village, where you will learn about local fsh farming practices, including the Black Carp and special eel from Phong Nha.

Continue cruising down the river to the very pleasant Gia Tinh Village, where guests will alight from the boat and have a chance to wander through the village with their guide, visiting a craft house where the locals make handmade rattan products. Here the local will show you how to make a product from rattan and you can put your craftiness to test.

You’ll then get back to the boat and float toward Gia Hung village. Here you will have a chance to learn about one of the most impressive churches of the region, if not the country, with its unique local wooden architecture. Then after a short walk, you will get to a local house where they make different types of rice cake. You will have a chance to try making it for yourselves to experience frst hand the skills needed to produce hundreds of rice cake per day. You can buy some and bring back on the boat as snack.

Then a delicious lunch will be served on the boat to help you rest and recharge for the next portion of the tour. Our boat will take you back to Lien Trach where you will have some times for swimming. It must be hot after a day of walking around. This is your chance to relax in the cool water of Son River.

You will now head down to Ha Mon boat station then start the afternoon with your bicycles – cycling through very rural farming villages, where buffaloes will compete with laughing children to grab your attention!

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