A Relaxing Journey on Remote River by Kayaking


You’ll travel to the remote village of the Ngon Rao where you will take your kayak and paddle and start heading down-stream, experiencing local life along the river as you pass through local towns and farming communities.

This is a different remote area to our full-day remote kayaking adventure, and a bit easier to paddle, being only 7 km. Its still as much adventure though and gives you a taste of this beautiful mountain range in Central Vietnam. You will continue down the river until you reach Vực Chèo in Lam Trach commune, where you will then experience a short walking tour through Trooc Village, visiting fruit gardens pepper gardens, ginger farms, turmeric farm etc., and meeting the local families. Bring bathing suit as you will have a chance to take a dip in the natural spring and recuperate your body after the days activities. Lunch is also included at this point.

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